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Welcome to the Palm Beach County
Ophthalmology Society.
"Palm Beach County's Eye M.D.'s" 

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Ophthalmology:  Serving All Your Eye Needs

   An Ophthalmologist, who is either a Medical Doctor (MD) or Osteopathic Doctor (DO) who specializes in eyes and vision care.  Eye M.D.s are specially trained to provide the full spectrum of eye care, from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to complex and delicate eye procedures and surgery.

  Many Eye M.D.s are also involved in scientific research into the causes and cures for eye diseases and vision problems.

  Eye M.D.s are an essential part of the eye care team, in addition to four years of medical school and one year of internship, every Eye M.D. spends a minimum of three years of residency in ophthalmology.

  An Eye M.D. spends an additional one to two years training in a sub-specialties such as:

·         Cornea and External Disease


·         Glaucoma

·         Neuro-Ophthalmology       


·         Ophthalmic Pathology

·         Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery


·         Pediatric Ophthalmology

·         Uveitis-inflammatory Eye Disease


·         Vitreoretinal Diseases


Why Choose an Eye M.D.

The Palm Beach County Ophthalmology and the Florida Society of Ophthalmology represents the best and the brightest in eye care physicians.  Unlike other eye care providers and ophthalmologist is required to go to four years of medical school, one year of internship and three years minimum of residency in ophthalmology.

  You can depend on our organizations to be involved in the community and caring about proper patient care.  So when you are seeking the best in eye care go to an PBCOS and FSO ophthalmologist.  You can do that by going to the FSO website at and clicking on patient.  You can search for an ophthalmologist in your area.  On our website,,  you can search by area or name, using the menu on the top left.

  When you find an ophthalmologist that is a member of the PBCOS and FSO you will have an advocate for your eye care health.  Our ophthalmologists follow strict guidelines on patient care and ethical behavior to assure you that the care you are bening provided is the best and most thorough. 

  Eye M.D.s can be found in almost every one of Florida’s 67 counties.  Our goal is to provide information and resources so when you or a member of your family need any type of eye care. 



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  2008 Ophthalmologist of the Year was awarded to
Dr. Alan Aker, MD.

  2007 Ophthalmologist of the Year was awarded to
Dr. Louis Feldgoise, MD.

  2004 Ophthalmologist of the Year was awarded to
Dr. Emanuel Newmark, MD.

2003 Ophthalmologist of the Year was awarded to
Dr. Michael Levine, MD.

2002 Ophthalmologist of the Year  was awarded to
Dr. David Cano, MD.

  2001 Ophthalmologist of the Year was Awarded to
Dr. Mark Michels, MD.

Palm Beach County Ophthalmology Society First Ever Honorary Membership Awarded to Dr. Charles D. Kelman.  Click on name to read the article.