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You cannot prevent retinoblastoma but you cannot die from it either. It is metastatic retinoblastoma that kills. There is no cure. Metastatic retinoblastoma is 100% preventable and should never happen. Our pediatricians need to look for this disease at every pediatric exam and can do so with an instrument called an ophthalmoscope. They simply shine the ophthalmoscope in the child's eyes for a red dot reflex reaction. If they see a white dot reflection instead of a red dot in the pupil of the eye there is a problem. Because the disease comes through the retina of the eye it is easily detected. With today's regular pediatric exams it should never go undetected. When it is caught in the early stages we can save the child's vision and there is never a threat to life.

The following picture is very IMPORTANT!!  It was taken prior to Joey’s eighteen month check up.  It was one week after his second birthday that Joey was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. That was over seven months after these photos were taken. Notice the WHITE DOT IN THE PUPIL of his right eye, this is the cancer reflecting back, where in a normal eye it would have the red-eye like the left eye.

Review letters from leading authorities about this disease:

Timothy G. Murray M.D. F.A.C.S.
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Ronald M. Berkman Ph.D.
Florida Internatinal Univeristy
Mary Anne Taylor, M.S.
Florida Lions Eye Bank
Tracy L. Trotter, M.D., FAAP
San Ramon Valley Medical Group
Laura E. Mabie, M.D. FAAP
Huntington Medical Foundation

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  2008 Ophthalmologist of the Year was awarded to
Dr. Alan Aker, MD.

  2007 Ophthalmologist of the Year was awarded to
Dr. Louis Feldgoise, MD.

  2004 Ophthalmologist of the Year was awarded to
Dr. Emanuel Newmark, MD.

2003 Ophthalmologist of the Year was awarded to
Dr. Michael Levine, MD.

2002 Ophthalmologist of the Year  was awarded to
Dr. David Cano, MD.

  2001 Ophthalmologist of the Year was Awarded to
Dr. Mark Michels, MD.

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